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Track Alagar using Madurai Kavalan District Police App

GeoCops with Madurai district police has included a new feature called Track Alagar in their mobile application Madurai Kavalan in view of the Chithirai festival when Lord KalAzhagar will be visiting the city.

This feature enables people to know the location of Lord KalAzhagar during his entire procession.

People can download Madurai Kavalan app from Google Play store and update it to enable Track Alagar link. So far, over 2,700 people have downloaded the app in their mobile phones.

Launched in December 2017, Madurai Kavalan app specially built for Madurai people. The app contains features such as locked home monitoring system, E-compliant portal, Madurai Police stations and officers details. So far 3000+ responses came through the LMHS – Locked Home Monitoring System, feature in the app.