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    Copseye And NAMKAVAL Launch at Namakal District

      We happy to announce that our two android mobile applications ‘Nam Kaval’ and ‘Cops Eye’ was successfully launched on saturday (08.06.2019) Minister for Electricity Thiru P.Thangamani & Inspector-General of Police (west zone) Thiru K. Periaiah We have developed for police department to prevent crimes in the Namakkal district. While ‘Nam Kaval’ will be an application open to the public to raise complaints. ‘Cops Eye’ will be accessible by police personnel only. They can use the app to take the photograph or use gallery option. The select picture checked with the data available in the centralized criminal analyzing system. The system will check that the person had any criminal background records.  …

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    Criminal Detection Using AI Technology

    Traditional technology in criminal detection In practice, the identification of criminal in India is done by the police through thumbprint identification. But this type of thumbprint identification makes a lot of constrained as most of the criminal’s cleverly not to leave their thumbprint on the incident scene. An advent against tradition technology Traditional thumbprint identification seamlessly takes a huge amount of time to trace the criminals identification and hence, the advent of security technology, especially CCTV cameras introduced and have been installed in many public and private areas to provide 24/7 surveillance activities. Why surveillance does not become more popular? The footage of the CCTV can be used to identify…