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    Success Story of Track Alagar feature

    Chithirai Festival or Chithirai Thiruvizha, an annual celebration celebrated in the city of Madurai during the month of April. According to tamil calendar it is tamil month – Chithirai.   On the holy marriage day of Lord Meenakshi, her brother(Lord Alagar) tries to come to the marriage. Lord Alagar while reaching the Vaigai river bank, came to know that marriage is over. So returns to Alagar temple after visiting mandapam on the banks of river Vaigai.   CopsEye is glad to be part of the Chithirai festival by introducing the Track Alagar feature in the Madurai Kavalan App.             CopsEye made this premium useful feature, Track…

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    Track Alagar using Madurai Kavalan District Police App

    GeoCops with Madurai district police has included a new feature called Track Alagar in their mobile application Madurai Kavalan in view of the Chithirai festival when Lord KalAzhagar will be visiting the city. This feature enables people to know the location of Lord KalAzhagar during his entire procession. People can download Madurai Kavalan app from Google Play store and update it to enable Track Alagar link. So far, over 2,700 people have downloaded the app in their mobile phones. Launched in December 2017, Madurai Kavalan app specially built for Madurai people. The app contains features such as locked home monitoring system, E-compliant portal, Madurai Police stations and officers details. So far…

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    Copseye Madurai Launch

    Copseye, a criminal detector application focus on Tracking & Recognition of criminals using unique non-traditional hybrid approach ensuring light computing with high accuracy and performance. It is a next generation surveillance system integrated with AI technology and machine learning algorithms to recognize face. These systems can be applied in crowd analysis and criminal detection. Copseye application can be operate from the smartphones, the system will recognize people in real time at significant distances even in uncontrolled environments.   Madurai Launch: Madurai Deputy Inspector General of Police Pradip Kumar launched the app. It would be available at all Station House Officers and above. “It would take only few seconds to match…