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One year journey of madurai kavalan

Madurai kavalan app is developed by the Copseye Team with Madurai District Police Department. This application is for the usage of Madurai District people.


Launched on 21-Dec-2017
Launched by Thiru Pradip Kumar, IPS, Deputy inspector general of police, Madurai range
Conceived by Thiru N Manivannan, IPS, Madurai district superintendent of police
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Highlighted feature Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS)


Features of the Application:

  • Locked House Monitoring System
  • Emergency call
  • E-complaint Box
  • Police Officer details
  • Police station details
  • Announcements

The people of Madurai can easily register/view anyone of the features instantly.

No need to go to police station.

This app reduces a lot of time and overcome the hesitation to visit the police station.

New Festive Features:

April,2018 Track Alagar feature
August, 2018 Sathuragiri feature

Track Alagar feature

Chithirai Festival or Chithirai Thiruvizha, an annual celebration celebrated in the city of Madurai during the month of April. According to tamil calendar it is tamil month – Chithirai.

On the holy marriage day of Lord Meenakshi, her brother (Lord Alagar) tries to come to the marriage. Lord Alagar while reaching the Vaigai river bank came to know that marriage is over. So returns to Alagar temple after visiting mandapam on the banks of river Vaigai.

CopsEye was glad to be part of the Chithirai festival by introducing the Track Alagar feature in the Madurai Kavalan App. This feature helped people to track where the Lord Alagar is coming.

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Sathuragiri feature

Sathuragiri Hills or Chathuragiri otherwise known as ‘ SUNDARA MAHALINGAM ‘ situated 10 km from Watrap (Wathirairuppu) near Srivilliputhur.

Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon Day that falls in the Tamil month of Aadi (July–August). Aadi Amavasya is one among the three most powerful New Moon days to offer Tarpanam (ancestral ritual).  This ritual honor our ancestors and receive their eternal blessings.

The Aadi Amavasya festival held between August 9 and 12, 2018. Devotees trek approximately six kilometres inside the forest from Thaniparai to reach the hill temples.

CopsEye  was glad to be part of the Aadi Amavasya festival by introducing the Sathuragiri feature(Offline Content Provider) in the Madurai Kavalan App. This feature assisted people in registering missing person, Knowing history of the place, Map, Parking details and other facilities.

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Total App Downloads: 10,000

Active User per month: 3000

LHMS request: 5000+

The other applications developed by the Copseye Team are

Application Public Access Police Access
Copseye No (Can send whatsapp message to Police department) Yes
Madurai City Police Yes Yes
Meikaval Yes Yes
NamKav Yes Yes