Copseye clinches the Finalist Postition at mBillionth Award for 2019

It was a yet proud moment for Copseye to grab the Finalists position at mBillionth Award 2019Recently Digital Empowerment Foundation launched an Initiative award program named mBillionth Award for recognizing excellence in mobile innovations for development.

As a part of this award selection, Digital Empowerment Foundation selected six innovative mobile applications through competitive and tough analysis for the Government & Citizen and Smart Settlements category.

With immense pride, our Copseye selected for this mBillionth Awards 2019 under Government & Citizen and Smart Settlements.

We like to thank our entire team and Madurai police for this coordination and great successful support for this app. This is the time too, thank DEF for this recognition.


What is mBillionth Award?

In the year 2019 a dedicated platform “mBillionth Awards“was launched to explore and recognize the deserving mobile platform applications in various industries.


How many Countries are considered for this Award?

Around 8 Countries entries will be accepted from all over the south Asia. These are the countries which are present in their list of consideration Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Categories of Awards:

  1. m-Business & Commerce/Banking
  2. m-Culture & Heritage
  3. m-Governance
  4. m-Education & Learning
  5. m-Entertainment
  6. m-Health
  7. m- Environment
  8. m-Inclusion
  9. m-News & Journalism
  10. m-Travel & Tourism
  11. m-Infrastructure
  12. m-Woman & Children

Among these categories our “COPSEYE” got finalised for m-Governance category (Government & Citizen and Smart Settlements) which is the biggest and proudest moment for COPSEYE history.

In this m-Governance category almost 240 Entries were participated and competed with each other, among that “COPSEYE” moved to the finalist list with pride!

These are the real objectives mBillionth Award considers every app platform to deliver the recognition

Objective of mBillionth Award:

  1. Recognize innovations and creativity in mobile & telecom solutions
  2. Provide a platform for the innovations for benchmarking in the mobile industry
  3. Provide a wider forum for strategic networking, alliances and partnership building
  4. Provide a South Asia Congress to exchange ideas, practices and policy strengths & mobile advocacy
  5. Facilitate in building a South Asia network towards campaign and advocacy in mobile for mass empowerment and inclusive growth.

Nature of Jury Panel:

These awards will have a tough phase of undergoing a deep discussion among the judges panel who belong to different Industries and have humungous experience in their own field. After multiple phases of validation the committee finalises the nominees for all categories.

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The main decisions are taken care by mBillionth Award committee who are sole responsible for creating norms and process the validation with multiple phases.


Under the name of Digital Innovation Awards “COPSEYE” got shortlisted for finalist spot. Among 240 Entries only 6 got Finalised and Copseye aggressively clinched the finalists position and looking forward to hit the Winner Title at AWARD GALA!

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