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Public can also identify the suspect by accessing CopsEye app

Copseye Team with Madurai district police has introduced new mobile Application “Cops Eye”, to find the suspect and save innocent people.

This app was first launched for officials in the rank of Station House Officers and above in February 2018. The officials can use the photographs taken already or live inside the app, which will check with the data available in the centralized criminal analyzing system as to see the person had any criminal background.

Geocops Cops Eye
Cops eye Launch by Thiru. Pradeep Kumar, IPS and Thiru. Manivannan, IPS – Feb 28, 2018

Last week(Aug 25, 2018), the new upgrade desktop version was launched by Superintendent of Police N.Manivannan, enables the public to take pictures of suspicious people and send it to the following Whatsapp number: 94981-81206.

This facility will enable all the ranks in the police officials to access. Same as public the police officer will send the pictures to the number.

The staff at the control room receives the pictures through Whatsapp. The pictures will run through facial recognition through “Cops Eye“. If the suspect has a criminal record, action would be taken.

Since the launch of the upgraded facility, a total of 143 people had been verified through the application. The information source – Madurai District Police.