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Journey of Copseye – 2018

Copseye, a criminal detector application focus on Tracking & Recognition of criminals using unique non-traditional hybrid approach ensuring light computing with high accuracy and performance. It is a next generation surveillance system integrated with AI technology and machine learning algorithms to recognize face.

These systems can be applied in crowd analysis and criminal detection. Copseye application can be operate from the smartphones, the system will recognize people in real time at significant distances even in uncontrolled environments.

Feature/Launch Month
Meikaval Launch Jan 2018
Madurai City Police LHMS Mar 2018
Copseye Launch – Madurai Apr 2018
Madurai Kavalan Track Azhagar Apr 2018
Madurai Kavalan Sathuragiri Aug 2018
Copseye Launch – Karur Dec 2018

MeiKaval launch  – January 2018

MeiKaval, an android mobile application specially built for pallikaranai area people which provides facilities such as locked home monitoring system, E-compliant portal, pallikaranai Police stations and officers details for pallikaranai people launched by pallikaranai area police.

Residents, who are going out of station, can alert the district police using the app. They will get due acknowledgement when the complaint is raised or information is uploaded on the locked houses. People can click and upload pictures of people who make suspicious movements in the locality.


Copseye launch – March 2018

The police have come up with a new app “Cops Eye.”

Based on face recognition feature, it would help them detect people with criminal backgrounds by clicking photographs with their mobile phones.

Madurai Deputy Inspector General of Police Pradip Kumar launched the app. It would be available at all Station House Officers and above.

“It would take only few seconds to match the face of a person with the of data of 2,000 criminals from the city and Madurai rural police,” he said. The data of 2,000 criminals has their names, photographs and details of criminal cases. “Taking photograph of any person whose data is available with the centralised criminal analysing system will give all particulars,” he said.

Superintendent of Police N. Manivannan said whenever people were picked up on suspicion it takes a long time to detect if they have any criminal background through their fingerprints.


Madurai City Police LHMS Feature- April 2018

Madurai City Police Application is a new initiative first-of-its-kind in the state of Tamil Nadu. The application is made to ensure the safety of the girls and women. They can alert police department through SOS feature which work both online and offline(with SMS feature). Upon alert Police team will reach the location. There are also other features included like Locked Home Monitoring system, e-complaint and police station details.


Madurai Kavalan – Track Azhagar- April 2018

GeoCops with Madurai district police has included a new feature called Track Alagar in their mobile application Madurai Kavalan in view of the Chithirai festival when Lord KalAzhagar visited the city. This feature enables people to know the location of Lord KalAzhagar during his entire procession. People can download Madurai Kavalan app from Google Play store and update it to enable Track Alagar link.


To know more about Track azhagar feature success story

Madurai Kavalan – Sathuragiri – August 2018

Copseye with Madurai district police had included a new feature called Sathuragiri in their mobile application Madurai Kavalan in view of the Aadi Amavasai festival. Sathuragiri feature provided OFFLINE CONTENT AS A SERVICE. The public had to connect with WiFi Router and use the sathuragiri feature in the app.

It contains information such as history of the temple, locate parking lots, emergency helpline numbers, size of the crowd on the hills. And it also had details of medical facilities, drinking water and food locations in a map. Police Department was able to file the missing person and give announcements to the public.


To know more about Sathuragiri feature success story

Sathuragiri geocops

Copseye Karur – December 2018

Karur, Superintendent of Police, Thiru DR.T.K.Rajasekaran, IPS launched Copseye to find the suspect and save innocent people.

This app is for officials in the rank of Station House Officers and above. They can use the app to take the photograph or use gallery option. Then the select picture will check with the data (photograph) available in the centralized criminal analyzing system. Then it will see that the person had any criminal background records.


Copseye team explaining at karur launch

copseye team explaining