Finalist of mBillionth Awards 2019

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) is a not-for-profit that has been tirelessly working for digital inclusion across the world and in particular India, South Asia, and the Asia Pacific region since its inception in 2002. To recognize innovations and creativity in mobile and telecom solutions, in every year Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) encourages the New Innovations by spun off from its highly successful the mBillionth Award South Asia – only for recognizing excellence in mobile innovations for development.

The DEF through its rigorous screening process selected mobile apps in ten different categories for this year. Be a part of that, We are proud to say that COPSEYE made its way and got selected as the finalist in the Government & Citizen and Smart Settlements category. Ten mobile apps were selected as a finalist and placed in this category.


About COPSEYE:   The name of the app “cops eye”, which mainly designed and developed for police to confirm the suspect whether criminal or not in a very fast manner. Using the AI face recognition feature, to help the police to detect people with criminal backgrounds by clicking photographs with their mobile phones. Our COPSEYE app trained with statewide crime records for real-time verification. Thereby, this system will also avoid the inconvenience caused to innocent people who are otherwise made to wait at the police station till doubts are cleared.


COPSEYE helps strengthen the formulation of public policies and increase transparency and public participation in the processes of governance and administration. So, we got an invite for finalist for mBillionth Award South Asia 2019. We like to thank our entire team and Madurai police for this coordination and great successful support for this app. This is time too, thank DEF for this recognition.

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