Copseye App

Criminal Detection Using AI Technology

Traditional technology in criminal detection
In practice, the identification of criminal in India is done by the police through thumbprint identification. But this type of thumbprint identification makes a lot of constrained as most of the criminal’s cleverly not to leave their thumbprint on the incident scene.
An advent against tradition technology
Traditional thumbprint identification seamlessly takes a huge amount of time to trace the criminals identification and hence, the advent of security technology, especially CCTV cameras introduced and have been installed in many public and private areas to provide 24/7 surveillance activities.
Why surveillance does not become more popular?
The footage of the CCTV can be used to identify suspects on the scene. However, because of limited software developed to automatically detect the similarity between photo in the footage and the recorded photo of criminals.
Revolutionary deployment of Copseye App
Copseye team cracked on above traditional approach and deployed an app where it functions with AI technology for an automated facial recognition system for the criminal database. This system will be able to detect face and recognize face automatically using novel approach of AI technology.
What does Copseye App do?

Copseye is an AI-powered mobile application to detect criminals using face recognition Technology. The system has been updated with a huge amount of criminal records statewide, where the system encompassed face database and an image processing algorithm to match the face feed by the police with faces stored in the database.

After that, the system will then classify the image and will run a search through the stored database to find its perfect match and display the output. If the image is Matched then the suspected taken to Custody or else the person gets released immediately.
We firmly believe that COPS EYE App is a worthy cause that will do a great deal of good for many people.It can definitely bring a revolutionary change in the field of crime detection.
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