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Copseye Team explaining at Karur Launch

Thiru DR.T.K.Rajasekaran, IPS, Superintendent of Police of Karur launched Copseye mobile application on Dec 4,2018. This application can identify the suspect and save innocent people.

Mr. M. Senthil Kumar of Copseye Team, explained how the application works. He explained how to updated the details of the criminals in centralised system.

What is cops eye application?

Copseye is an AI based application helps police to detect the criminals. The technologies used are machine learning and face recognition. This application is a unique non-traditional hybrid approach ensuring light computing with high accuracy and performance.

It is a next generation surveillance system integrated with AI technology and machine learning algorithms to recognize face. These systems can be applied in crowd analysis and criminal detection.

Copseye application can be operate from the smartphones. The system will recognize people in real time at significant distances even in uncontrolled environments.

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Who can access to this application?

This app is for officials in the rank of Station House Officers and above. They can use the app to take the photograph or use gallery option. The select picture checked with the data available in the centralized criminal analyzing system. The system will check that the person had any criminal background records.

Normally to check the criminal database, it takes a few hours to match finger prints by the fingerprint bureau. But, in this case, SHOs and other officers can determine whether someone is a criminal or not within a few seconds with a 93% accuracy.

To know more about the application visit: or call 8015005005


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