karur copseye

Copseye launch at Karur by Superintendent of Police

Karur, Superintendent of Police, Thiru DR.T.K.Rajasekaran, IPS launched Copseye to find the suspect and save innocent people.

Copseye is an AI based application helps police to detect the criminal using machine learning and face recognition technology.

karur copseye

This app is for officials in the rank of Station House Officers and above. They can use the app to take the photograph or use gallery option. Then the select picture will check with the data (photograph) available in the centralized criminal analyzing system. Then it will see that the person had any criminal background records.

Normally to check the criminal database, it takes a few hours to match finger prints by the fingerprint bureau. But, in this case, SHOs and other officers can determine whether someone is a criminal or not within a few seconds with a 93% accuracy.

To know more about the application visit: www.copseye.ai or call 8015005005