copseye award delhi

Copseye Receives prestigious Award from Digital Empowerment Foundation

Copseye Clinches yet another prestigious award for the second time in a row in this calendar year of 2020. This is considered to be the best possible recognitions which are happening for a well-deserving application that ensures safety and security in and around Tamil Nadu.

This Award was presented under the category of Best Innovation of the year under Mobile Application. A lot of deserving applications were competing in the list along with Copseye.

By surpassing all innovations Copseye stayed stronger and claimed the Winner Slot for Digital Innovation Awards!

What is Copseye?
It is an Exclusive Mobile Application developed for a Police department to identify suspicious people using face detection methods. With Government support, Copseye app officially fetched criminals’ data in it.

And whenever police try to capture the suspicious faces in public it will verify and show the info whether they have any criminal records previously or not!

This Application has helped in realtime by catching the real criminals in some suspicious situations by the Police Department. And it saves a lot of time for the police with crime verification purposes

Who Received the Award?
On behalf of Tamil Nadu Police Department, Cyber Crime Officer Mr.Karthik & On behalf of Copseye(Development Team), Mr.Senthil has received the Digital Innovation Awards for Copseye.

It’s our great honor and pleasure to share this info that, we have received this prestigious award from the founder of Digital Empowerment Foundation (New Delhi)