Copseye App- Instant Face recognizer

Traditional Criminal detection

Its time to say goodbye to manual identity verification and never again spend hours looking through traditional fingerprint matching or surveillance footage techniques.
Always there is a need for the police department to get the right data to the right officer at the right time and its time to welcome instant criminal identification technique using AI-based face recognition technology and this technology is none other than our copseye App.

copseye – criminal detection revolution

Copseye App is inbuilt with the novel technology of AI that recognizes the face of the suspected person and this App is inbuilt with a huge amount of stored criminal database .
If police Suspected a person they can upload the photo of the person and keep on the instant check with its stored records of database , whether the face is matched with any criminal records or not?
If the Copseye App confirms the matched face with the criminal record then the person is taken under the custody to the police and if the face is not matched then the person is released from the custody immediately.

public security

This App enables the police department to finish off their cases immediately and this platform is highly accurate, scalable and offering a full range of Security among the public.

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